Regrind and Recoat of Solid Carbide Tooling

For all your solid carbide and high speed steel tools we are able to offer a full regrind, retip and recoating service.

Operating licensed software on state of the art ANCA RGX 7-axis CNC machines, we are able to re-produce the original manufacturers cutting geometry each and every time your tools are reground.

End only or flute sharpening is available on request.

Cutting performance can further be enhanced through a choice of world class coating technologies supplied through Oerlikon Balzers.

Customers using CHAM drills can now also have these reground. Ranging from 8 to 25.5mm in size, we are able to return these tips to the orginal manufacturer’s specification.

On average, we aim to save our customers between 60-70% on the cost of regrinding their solid carbide tooling.

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